Praising Him for Good Health! (Recap)

It’s been some time since we updated you on our cancer journey.  I was switching website systems, and am now ready to kick this blog into gear again — periodically.

We want you to rejoice with us because it’s all GOOD NEWS!

Recap:  I was diagnosed with an esophageal tumor, level 2b, in the fall of 2014.  I went into chemo-radiation for 24 treatments, having my last one on January 6, 2015 — my birthday as well.  That night we celebrated with a steak dinner, something the docs said I would be unable to eat at that time due to radiation damage in the esophagus!  A miracle!


After chemo-radiation, my treatment also called for an ‘esophagectomy’  — an operation to remove my esophagus and restructure my stomach to take the place of the esophagus.  I chose against having this operation.

Both of Us Hit at the Same Time!  Shortly after I was diagnosed, Sheri had a CAT scan to check out the lymphoma tumors she fought from 2009-2010 — and which were gone after treatment.  This time a different, slow-growing tumor showed up on the screen, so she went back into chemo treatments simultaneously with me.  Ouch!

In early 2015, we decided to treat through naturopathic means any cancer that might still be in our bodies.  We radically changed our eating habits, found a Naturopathic Oncologist in Bend, and targeted our types of cancer with supplements and other treatments.


Reality Now!  Sheri just had another CAT scan and ALL tumors on the screen being tracked before were totally gone!  She’s doing and feeling great!

I had my birthday and cancer journey celebrations on January 6, 2016 with a wonderful steak dinner — putting me one year out from the end of my treatments at that time.  I’m also feeling great and counting . . .

Thanks:  Of course, the healing journey we experienced is due to the healing hand of Jehovah Raphe on our lives — in answer to the heartfelt and earnest prayers of so many of you in our behalf!

Thanks for being with us on our Cancer Journey!


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  1. Have we ever talked about my breast cancer journey?? We chose a mastectomy without chemo, etc and found an amazing Godly naturopath. Changed our lives! So glad you both are doing well.

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