Avoid These Foods to Avoid Cancer!

During our cancer battles, we changed the way we ate and now we changed what we eat as well.  Food undoubtedly contributed directly and indirectly to our cancers.  (As well as other issues)


In this blog going forward, I want to pass on some of the insights we’ve gained about our health, both to help us log this information into our blog file for reference, as well as stimulate your thinking about your own health journey.

In other words, I want to be helpful to you as well!

A lot of the naturopathic information moves onto some thin ice, we feel — hearsay information; lack of credible studies; new age basis; and questionable presenter.

One source we found that’s credible is Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer Truth, who discusses naturopathic issues on his website.

In a recent webinar, he gave nine foods we should avoid like the plague if we want to control cancer.  Actually, the list is common sense healthy living, yet hard to do without intention.  Here’s his list:

  • Farmed fish.  Full of toxins because of their feed.  Go with fresh caught.
  • GMO foods.  Genetic structure is changed.
  • Canned foods.  High in sugar and sodium, and the cans often leech metals.


  • Sugar.  4 grams is one teaspoon.  We don’t need more than 16 grams of sugar a day.  Check out the gram count in your next candybar and divide by 4.
  • White flour.  Turns into sugar.
  • Grilled red meat, especially well done.  That changes the consistency of the meat negatively.
  • Corn fed beef.  Too much to tell.  Go with grass fed.
  • Microwave popcorn.
  • Hydrogenated oils.  Use olive or coconut oil.

Moving these things out of one’s food purchasing and preparation is not a major thing, yet the dividends to our health are monumental.

In the saddle with you for good health in the golden years!
Dave and Sheri

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