Does God Heal Anyone in Atlanta, GA?

Jehovah Raphe, the Healing God, is healing in our world today, as He has been throughout human history.  I like to document credible healing stories, and here’s another one.

(Tom & Bonnie Kopp on a Ministry Trip in Africa)

Tom and Bonnie Kopp are missionaries with Paracletos, training Christian leaders around the Globe.  They recently moved into a home in the Atlanta suburbs and had many housing issues.  Then  they discovered the house was a center for occult activity.  Here’s their amazing incident from this past month.

“Just a quick note before we leave for Africa. I know this will encourage you. We have experienced a miracle!  It is difficult to explain in just a short email but I will try.

If you recall we had multiple problems since moving into this home which we believe have been connected to the previous owners ‘meditation center’ and occult objects found on the property. 

Well, 2 weeks ago a very suspicious melanoma looking mole appeared on the top of Tom’s head.  I saw it when I was cutting his hair, which I cut monthly, so I knew it was a new mole. 

Our daughter, who has also had 3 melanomas, came over and looked at the mole.  She also thought it looked serious so I made an appointment to have it checked on the Monday after Easter. 

The Wednesday before Easter, I mentioned Tom’s mole at the women’s Bible study, and that we were concerned about him having an open wound on his head during our travels in Africa. 

Immediately, a friend suggested they all gather around me and pray.  I sat in a chair in the middle of the group and they prayed for me and Tom. 

Then, on the Saturday before Easter, Tom and I were looking out the window at the ‘meditation circle’ and Tom said, “I believe we need to remove the fountain that is in the center of that circle.” 

Kopp, Fountain

At that moment the thought occurred to me to look at Tom’s head, so I made him sit down so I could check the mole. 


As an act of praise to the Lord, we went outside with an 8-lb hammer, and smashed the fountain to bits and removed it from our land because we wanted everything removed that was connected to that ‘circle.’ 

Kopp, Fountain Broke

We cancelled our appointment with the dermatologist and thoroughly celebrated the power of our Risen Christ on Easter Sunday. What a huge blessing this has been.

On hearing this story, one of the women at church said, ‘This is really a shock to me because I thought things like this only happened in Africa or California.’”

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One thought on “Does God Heal Anyone in Atlanta, GA?

  1. Interesting that you used the word Jehovah-Raphe as our high school youth have been studying the names of God this school year (based on the book by Kay Arthur). Tonight was our last one. We studied Jehovah-Raphe a few weeks ago. I will continue to pray for God’s continued healing in your lives. It has been great to see His healing thus far!

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