Do Doctors Create Cancer Scares?

I’m sitting in my Oncologist’s office getting my 4-month check-up.  He reminds me that 70-80% of those having Esophageal Cancer, don’t make it.


Just the news I wanted to hear on that beautiful sunny Bend, Oregon day! He’s recommending another endoscopy to check it out, and a CAT Scan to see if cancer has spread in my body.

You can imagine: My anxiety level starts rising and my blood pressure starts to go off the charts.

Hey, I came in here feeling great. I haven’t had any side-effects from the chemo-radiation for 1.5 years. Not even a slight feeling of scar tissue in my esophagus from the focused radiation.

So how do I process these ‘allopathic medical statistics’ and oncologist advice in light of my faith in Jehovah Raphe and His healing of my cancer to this day?

What would you do?

Have the tests putting a large tube down the esophagus potentially scraping the former tumor spot?

Trust God that He’s healed me and go on with life?

Do you catch my dilemma?

About this time Sheri had a wonderful ‘Word from God’ one early morning. A voice told her in her sleeping-half-conscious state, “I have taken away your cancer.”

Again, the dilemma: How to process and live with this? Was it a dream coming out of subconscious dream life? Was it a vision of confirmation from Jehovah Raphe – a confidence builder about supernatural healing and His hand in Sheri’s life?

How would you process this yourself?

Here’s Where We Came Out.

As for me, I’ve decided to have the scope and CAT Scan.   Not so much to see if I’m healed – although it would be nice to have a little more data.

But rather to document the miracle of healing in my life itself. Tools can be used to document the negative, or the positive.

And I decided that looking at the negative of medical statistics which create ‘downers’ also have ‘upper’ statistics included in them!

If 70-80% of those having esophageal cancer have it return – that means, 20-30% DON’T HAVE IT RETURN.

Why can’t I be one of those in the latter group?  Why not focus on the positive instead of the negative?

As for Sheri’s situation, we’ve decided that this type of thinking wouldn’t come from our natural minds, so it must be from Him.

Our stance is to thank Him for the Healing and the word of confirmation and press on with our lives. He is faithful even though we are faithless for He cannot deny Himself!

Thanks for being with us on our Journey of Faith as we wrestle with our questions.

What are some of your questions?

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  1. THANKS for the update. We just had Haley, Pierce, Joy, and a teenage niece, here for a week….a blessing. The 3 grandkids are very excited about seeing you folks in Oregon this summer. Love to you both—————————-Ruthie and Irv

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