Documenting a Miracle?

In my last post I mentioned it was wise to have an endoscopy and CAT scan to look at the tumor site and see it’s reality since I finished chemo-radiation January 2015, and started our naturopathic treatments.


The reminder by my Oncologist of statistics (70-80% don’t make it beyond 5 years with my type of cancer) sobered me and discouraged me.  Then I had the thought, “If the stats are 70-80%, that means 20-30% do make it!”  (see my last blog post)

Is the glass half full or half empty?  I decided to look at these stats as a glass half full.  Why couldn’t I be one of the 20-30 percenters instead of the 70-80 percenters?

However, no matter which way we look at something, the facts speak for themselves.

So on Monday this week (June 13) I headed for the table to have the endoscopy.  I told the Doc before the procedure, “I hope you’re documenting a miracle.”  He replied, “I hope so too.  Let’s see.

In the recovery room afterwards he returned with pictures and the news was grim.  He basically told us the tumor had shrunk in size from 40% to 25%, but it was cancerous.  This meant the cancer had returned, or had never been totally eradicated.

You can imagine our chagrin, disappointment and discouragement.  I knew the path forward would be the horrible operation — the removal of my esophagus and resection of my stomach to fill the void.  And if the cancer had spread, it would probably mean some heavy chemo as well.

As we left and processed this news, Sheri and I could picture the path ahead:  multitudinous doctor visits, cancer center infusions, surgery rooms, waiting rooms, forms to fill out, critical decisions to make, processing of information, pain accompanied by good medical care, etc.

In other words, because of the upcoming surgery and chemo, we were looking at a worse year than we had between Oct 2014 and January 2015 when I had my chemo-radiation for the esophageal tumor the first time.

Our outside chance was that the doctor was wrong.  He made the observation through his scope and pictures.  But the pathology still had to be done.

So we eagerly awaited the pathology results from the biopsies the doctor took.  He called me late Wednesday afternoon with the results.

To my shock and amazement he said, “We did a number of biopsies and pathological tests, and we can’t find cancer!  The cells are dysplasia cells, a pre-cancerous condition.”  I couldn’t tell if he was in shock as well.

So, in fact, the Doc did document a miracle!

The normal track for cell abnormality is from normal cell structure to hyperplasia to dysplasia to cancer.  I’m going in the opposite direction from cancer to dysplasia, and hopefully to hyperplasia to normal!

The National Cancer Institute Dictionary of Cancer Terms says, “Dysplasia = cells that look abnormal under a microscope, but are not cancer.  Hyperplasia, or dysplasia may or may not become cancer.

You can imagine our relief.  Life opened up again with hope and excitement.  And we are praising Jehovah Raphe — Our God, the Healer!

Next Wednesday (June 22) I have my first CAT Scan since the end of my chemo-radiation.  I anticipate this will also document no other cancer in my body.  Please pray we’ll see another miracle with this.  I’ll write again after those results.

And with us, please praise and exalt  Jehovah Raphe, our Healer — our wonderful Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Triune God!

Thanks so much for your interest in our lives and journeying with us on this path of faith.

14 thoughts on “Documenting a Miracle?

    1. Wonderful story! Amazing God! Praise be to Him!

    2. Dear Dave,
      Whom, reading your report was like taking a ride on a rollacoster. First I thought; Oh no, this is going to be a long painful journey. Then as I read on my heart gave a sigh of relief and emulating in a hugh Hallelujah and praise the Lord, Jehovah Rafa has done it again. TO God be the glory. We rejoice with you over the miracle that God has done in your body.
      It would be so good to see you guys again. Do you ever get to Colorado Springs? We have lived here for 21 yrs. and will most likely finish out the cruise here. It works well from a family standpoint as all our kids have their in-laws living here in Colorado. You have no doubt heard about Paul Stanley’s open heart surgery. He is recovery well but still suffers with dementia, though he is able to function quite well and still does some speaking. They have their house on the market for sale and are buying a patio home up north of New Life Church and will be next door neighbors to Jody and Linda Dillo, long time friends from Eastern Europe days whom I’m sure you know.
      We are still traveling to Africa spending 4 months a year on 2 trips. We love it and are experiencing convergence at this stage of life.
      On July 9 I will perform the wedding for Sheri and Mark’s third oldest son, Jesse. The wedding is in Little Rock where Mark and Sheri have lived for the past 20 yrs.
      Keep us on your list and if you ever get to COS pleases stop by for a good cup of Kenyan coffee!!!
      Bruce and Marg

  1. Dave! Soooo pleased about your news! Prayers affirmatively answered!?

  2. Dave,
    I was just sick as I read the first part of the story, but with GREAT relief the second. The graciousness of ou Lord! How wonderful to know Him. We will visit Pete N. In Holland today.

    1. Thanks, Steve. How nice you can visit Pete N which means you are in Michigan! We just missed you. We were there the two weeks prior to Memorial Day and had a wonderful time with the Nienhuis family as well as relatives, friends, and churches who have supported us for 45 years. We’re not supporting ourselves, so it was a wonderful time saying “Thank You” to people and churches for their faithfulness to us over these years! Have a great trip. We’ll look for you and Marie to visit us out in the High Desert one of these days!

      1. Praising God with you. Remember – He remains Jehovah Raphe no matter what tests show.

        1. Yes — and ultimately we get the new Body and won’t have to even consider such a thing as cancer!

  3. Rejoicing with you two as we praise our Faithful Father God! I join you in praising Him for the Cat scan next week because we know He has good plans for us. I’ll try to be patient…I can almost hear Ron say, “Beth patient or be A PATIENT”! Good memories of my late husband. ?

  4. Bless the Lord, O my soul . . . Who heals all your diseases!
    Psalm 103:1,3

  5. You should be a writer… taking me from grief to joy like that! I’m looking forward to more good news from you.

  6. Dear Dave and Sheri, we love you. We pray for you. Thanks for your amazing sharing. Boba and Milan

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