The “C” Word Is Back Again!

Dear Praying Friends,

As you remember, my last endoscope biopsies showed the esophageal tumor I still carry in my esophagus, was high-grade dysplasia and not cancer.


My Oncologists, however, felt the biopsy sample was too small and wanted me to have another endoscope with many biopsies.  In their experience the picture of the tumor and the lab results did not match.

So I did a second endoscopy last week Friday (Aug 26th).  The result of those biopsies showed some cancer present.

At this point I don’t have a lot of details about that result, for example, how much cancer did they find?

I meet my Naturopathic Oncologist on Sept 1, and my Allopathic Oncologist on Sept 7.  After those consults I should have a clear idea of what I’m actually facing.

My basic question is, with all the naturopathic treatments I’ve had over the past 20 months, and the prayers of God’s people, is this newly discovered cancer on the way out of my body being overcome by the natural?  Or is it too tough, re-emerging and overwhelming my system?

I don’t know if the Docs can answer that.  But in a couple weeks I should have enough info on the new cancer situation and  treatments to make another faith decision going forward.

Your prayers for gaining correct information, processing the data correctly, and wisdom in decision-making would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for being with us on this continuing health journey!





8 thoughts on “The “C” Word Is Back Again!

  1. Praying Isaiah 26:3-4 for you, Dave, in this season of waiting for more information, and also praying that it’s option 1 – on its way out!

  2. Hi Dave,
    We will be praying for you that you will get the correct data and will have wisdom to be able to process it correctly and make wise decisions.
    Jesus said, Cast all your care upon me, for I care for you.
    He loves you and so do we!
    Ron and Carol

  3. It’s so nice to have Jesus in our lives. I love your specific prayer request. I will pray for your request and look forward to seeing His loving answers. May God continue to bless you and Sheri.

  4. Hello from Romania!
    I can imagine the question rolling over and over, in your mind and even in your dialogues with people: is it leftovers of the old C or new C kicking in? And I get the chills…
    Until I remember how God miraculously touched our son Caleb’s brain and that was it!… In spite of all tests and scans to the day!… God heals!

    We will pray for the process! And we will pray with FAITH for our Creator – God’s touch to come!
    With love,
    The VLASINs. 7.

    1. So thankful Jehovah Raphe healed your son. I know His touch is on my life as well. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  5. Dave. am praying that God will give you peace as you await the results.
    You and Sheri are the stalwarts of the faith. Psalm 18; 16. Pat Whitehouse

  6. Praying for you Dave. His grace is sufficient. May His peace fill yours and Sherri’s heart

  7. I have seen people healed of cancer testifying on Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV. I believe God is no respector of persons. Papa Dave, know that your redeemer lives. I am praying that God of all comfort, who knows how to deliver from all affliction, will visit you and release upon you the healing power from His wings, in Jesus’ name. I know you are connect to the fountain of life. May His grace hep you to keep the flames of faith burning. Jesus is Lord!

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