10 thoughts on “What is the Path Ahead?

  1. Dave, I can’t figure out for myself any better way to handle or react any better or alternatively than you are doing. I see in you the strength, the fighting spirit and faith to face facts. That to me reminds of Abraham in Romans 4, who “faced facts as they were” and then believed in the God of the impossibilities.
    That’s the faith I see in your handling of the situation. In other words, YOU ARE A BRAVE man. Thanks for keeping us in the know and modeling how to handle challenging life issues as they confront us.

    1. Ditto to friends comments, Dave!
      I favor your planguage of Naturopathy. Praying!
      Loving hugs.

  2. Oh, Dave and Sherri, I have no idea what I would do in your situation. Hopefully, I would pray and seek God’ path as much as you are. I am not even a good friend of yours! I am only acquainted with you because I married Dave, which makes me even less of a voice of wisdom for you. Perhaps I would just want my brothers and sisters in Christ to remind me that my story is not as important as God’s story. What God is creating through your experience is beyond our ability to comprehend, but not beyond our reach of faith. I will continue to pray for you to be courageous and at peace as you take your steps of faith in this journey.

  3. I also am not offering a suggestion for what you should do because I don’t have a clue. I will, however, pray for you and for God to give you wisdom and show you clearly what HE wants you to do.
    You guys and your amazing faith put me to shame. You have walked this hard road keeping your eyes so focused on Jesus and with amazing courage and grace. And I know you will do the same with the upcoming decisions you will be facing. You guys are my heroes!!
    Love to you❤️

  4. I’m praying for His presence with you, His peace, His wisdom, His grace. I don’t know the answer but He does . . .
    Love you both!

  5. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and the whole family. You have touched so many lives including mine. The Lord has set the days of our lives and we can find comfort in knowing nothing will shorten that time. I support your decision as I know it has been made with lots of prayer. We love you both.

  6. We’ve never met, but a fellow EC friend has pointed me to your blog. You’ve made a valiant effort thus far, and as an 6+ yr EC survivor thanks to OHSU multi-modality therapy, I would encourage you to see Drs. Hunter or Dolan. Having been volunteering here at OHSU Foregut clinic for the past 5 yrs, I have seen the dreadful consequences of uncontrolled EC. Wishing you well.

    1. Claude, Thanks for writing me. We’ve heard wonderful things about your work at OHSU Esophageal Cancer Center from Tom and Mad. We had a couple great hours with them the other day as well. Yesterday we had a consultation with Dr. Brant Oelschlager, at the UofW Cancer Center. I found out I’m still a candidate for the surgery as long as we know it has not metasticized. To-date that’s where I’m at. We discussed a way forward allopathically with Herpicin chemo that responds well to my type cancer, and then the surgery. I’m processing. My path thus far with the natural treatments has provided a couple years of very good quality of life, and now I’ve got to have a couple more months to see if my recent Mexico treatments are having any effect. It’s a tight-rope walk for me — try to stay intact physically and control it, vs. not waiting too long for the surgery option that we see metastisis. I’m taking today to process all of this. Since you are a 6+ year survivor of the operation without return of cancer, I’d like to skype with you at some point. Will be in touch.

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