Treatment Update from Mexico

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your prayers and interest in following our cancer comings and goings.  The saga continues!

It’s heartbreaking to see the poverty in your face at the borders as we pass out some pesos here and there to someone in need.  Border crossings have been very good once we learned how to get back and forth to them without stress.  Driving here is like being back in Tashkent.  There is a flow to traffic once you figure it out, but it’s different.

The Cipaq Clinic where I’m treated is a wonderful, healing place.  The doctors are knowledgeable, and the nurses do a great job of getting the needles into the arm or other locations 🙂 mostly on the first try.

Since this is an ‘infusion’ therapy with mostly natural products, there is not much pain.  (Here you get gain without pain!)  After a couple hours of sitting, reading, or talking with other patients you’re on the way to enjoy the rest of your day.  And San Diego, where we house-sit, is a pleasant place to enjoy.

We’ve met many wonderful people who come from Canada, the USA, or Mexico for these treatments.  Dr. Castillo, and his staff have been treating cancer for 36 years with good results.

Many show up here as a last resort, when the medical system gives them their last rites.  We met several this past week in this situation.  These treatments have raised many from their deathbeds for more years of quality of life on the planet.  (I’ll pass on some of their stories in upcoming posts.)


Will This Help Me?

I come into this situation in strong physical shape.  All my blood tests and physical tests show A-OK condition.  The only marker is some inflammation in the tumor area.  Without my last Endoscope in August I would not know I had cancer.

Dr. Castillo’s goal with me is to:

(1)  Stop the spread of the cancer — it’s still confined to the tumor and one lymph node.

(2)  Start to shrink the tumor.

His medical theory is that the body’s immune system can handle most disease.  The breakdown of the immune system is what allows cancer to reign.  So if we build up the immune system, it will fight and control the cancer.

My regimen is a 2-hour infusion for 21 days with various elements put into the body; a more powerful, daily vegetable juice; a daily tea; several supplements; and a daily tonic with some diet restrictions.

When We Head Home:  I’ll receive a blood test analysis at the end of my time to determine if I’ve made progress and then Dr. Castillo will send me home with an ongoing plan.

The protocol here is to return for 10 days in three months for an analysis and additional treatment.  Another CT Scan will indicate the size of the tumor allowing us to track shrinkage.

So, that brings you up-to-date from south of the border!  Thanks again for your interest in our lives.







One thought on “Treatment Update from Mexico

  1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like a good treatment. We’re praying for you. Trusting God for your best.

    Carol and I spent much time visiting Angela in San Diego the years she lived there in Ocean Beach. Also walked across the border.

    God is good.

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