Back From Mexico – Moving Forward

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your interest and prayers for us as we traveled south of the border.  My 20 treatments went well, as did our trips back and forth between Tijuana and San Diego.  And we made several new friends in the same boat as us.


Now we’re back in Bend heading into the wonderful, meaningful Holidays, as you all are.  I have a specific regimen of home treatment I must stay on for the next 3 months.  Then we go back to the Clinic for a consultation and 10 more days of treatments.

Here’s what I’m doing to keep up the power of the treatments I had in Mexico against the cancer:

  • A leg muscle injection of natural medicine 3 times per week, and a supplement of the same the other 4 days.
  • Enzyme supplement to keep the body receptive.
  • A tonic 4 times a day in a glass of water.
  • Strong Vitamin C and A concentrate taken in water.
  • Several supplements to coordinate with the above.

In addition I’m on an interesting diet to enhance the effectiveness of the tonic.  Here’s what I CAN’T have!  (Hey, the advantage is I’ve lost 10 pounds of excess weight already.)

  • Pork
  • Tomatoes
  • Sugar added to any food (means I can’t have the food!)
  • White Flour  (gluten free stuff works as a substitute.)
  • Vinegar  (Try finding tasty stuff to eat without vinegar in it!)
  • Alcohol

And finally I’ve got a powerful veggie juice I take daily.  Try this one and see if your face can stay straight.

  • Celery, onion, garlic, pepper, carrot, apple, radish, beet and a pinch of lemon.  I’ve grown to like it — what’s wrong with me?  I can’t wait to have my veggie juice . . . well, maybe that’s not totally true.

How are we moving forward with live cancer in the body?

  1. Surgery Consultation:  Next week I talk with a surgeon who does esophagectomies.  That’s the horrendous operation I wrote about before.  Why even bother with this doc visit?  Basically to get all the input I can on the best path forward.  I do like to have the big picture, and now I’ve got 4 docs leaning that way for me.
  2. Decision on path forward:  Should I still do the surgery and then use alternative means to control any loose cancer?  Or do I forgo the surgery option and only stay with alternative treatment?  (More on this decision in an upcoming blog)
  3. Back to Mexico for a followup:  We’re scheduled to go back to the CIPAC Clinic in late January for 10 days.  This time we’ll stay in a small apartment at the clinic in a room there, and enjoy Tijuana from a different angle.
  4. Operation . . . or not:  If I do the operation, my time choice would be March 2017.  If I don’t do the operation, I continue on as I am now, and go back to Mexico for another followup in September 2017.

As you can sense, I have a major decision ahead of me.  A lot of factors must be considered in that decision.  So I’ll keep you in the saddle with me as I process, and welcome and insights you have, or any thoughts you are getting from the Lord that may pertain to us.






3 thoughts on “Back From Mexico – Moving Forward

  1. Wow! I can’t believe your regimen. I would miss the vinegar, because I love sour things.

    I am praying daily for you and your name is at the top of my breakfast prayer list.

    Love you guys!

    Pat Whitehouse

    1. You can always use a lot of lemon, Pat 🙂
      Thanks so much for your prayers for us! Hope you are doing well.

  2. We’re encouraged by your progress and natural treatments! We pray God’s divine direction with the difficult decisions ahead.

    We actually drink veggie shakes in the morning at least 4 – 5 times per week. We use at least 3 of the ingredients you’re using.

    Brad for both of us

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