Update + Jesus Renews the Life of a Leper

Dear Friends,

I’m still feeling great, and making progress gaining info on my path forward.  Monday (5) I have a PET Scan to measure if the Mexico alternative treatments are moving my cancer back or not.  On Thursday (8) I meet with my Oncologist to read the report.  If not, next Friday (16) I meet with a surgeon in OHSU to talk operation.  I’ve already consulted with a surgeon in Seattle.  I’ll update you again around Christmas.  Thanks for praying — we sense the peace that brings and the confidence it creates in Jehovah Raphe.


Here’s a story that encouraged our hearts, from a missionary friend of ours, Brenda Lange, who works with orphans and church planting in Mozambique.

SOAR (So-R), a leper, was abandoned by his family.  He received hospital treatment for his leprosy last year but still lost fingers and toes.  For unknown reasons he became bedridden for many months.   Surviving with the help of a few villagers, he somehow heard people talking about Jesus, the healer.

He sent a messenger to ask the church members in his village to come pray for him as he could not walk.

When they prayed, he repented of his sins, and asked Jesus to save him.  Nothing happened immediately, but over the next few weeks, his faith in Jesus grew as he kept thanking Jesus for his healing.  He soon regained strength in his legs, and began walking short distances.

Last Sunday he surprised the Nacala Church members by WALKING into the Sunday service demanding to give his testimony!

Nov. 30th was salary day and our monthly meeting for all our “Bush Pastors”.  When Soar heard of this meeting, he asked Pastor Salazar if he could walk with him to give his testimony to ALL our Pastors.  That meant a 7km (3.8 mile) walk!  Salazar told me he was doubtful his legs would hold, but Soar wanted to tell everyone what Jesus did for him.


Tired but happy, Soar testified, leaving not a dry eye in the group, for he displayed such humility as he told his story.

At the end, our church gifted him with money to buy new clothes for he had only the clothes he was wearing.

He begged me to take back the money, and give him food instead, for he had little to eat at his mud hut.  Through an interpreter, I  told him to buy new clothes, and that Jesus would also gift him with food each month.

I told him to make sure he told everyone he met how Jesus healed him.

This man is not shy.

He walked away with a smile on his face and a week’s worth of food in a sack hung over his shoulder.

He was off to the market to find others who would hear his story about Jesus, the healer.

I’m sure everyone he met got an earful about Jesus, for this man speaks boldly. — Brenda Lange, Orphans Unlimited


2 thoughts on “Update + Jesus Renews the Life of a Leper

  1. Thank you for sharing! This blessed our hearts to hear how Jesus healed Soar and how he wants to share Jesus with others. This puts life in perspective. God bless you and Sheri.
    Kimmy & Harold

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