Finally . . . Surgery Decision Reached!

Thanks for plugging on down the cancer track with us through your encouragements and prayers!

Around Christmas it was time for me to make a decision about the location of the operation and the doctor who would do it.  In a prior post I shared my thinking on ‘why’ the operation was still necessary, after trying to hold it at bay and beat it with natural and alternative treatments.

That almost happened, and it has not metastasized to our knowledge, so it has been held ‘almost’ in check.  There are signs of growth, however.

Aerial view of UW Medical Center with UW campus in background.

In regards to surgery, I had consultations with Dr. Brant Oelschlager of the University of Washington, and Dr. Jim Dolan of Oregon Health Sciences University, both wonderful medical institutions and each an excellent surgeon in their own right regarding esophagectomies.

After processing for a number of hours over Christmas, and talking with Sheri, I decided to have the operation in Seattle with Dr. Oelschlager, at the University of Washington Hospital.  He’s been practicing for over 20 years, and helped pioneer the laprascopic esophagectomy procedure I’ll have.

During this time of health challenges, I am encouraged with this Old Testament faith statement of King David, “May your Good Spirit lead me on level ground!”  — Psalm 143:10

In preparation for the time, I’ll have two chemo treatments in January targeting my specific type of cell, and then appear in Seattle on March 9 for my Pre-Op consultation.  The actual esophagectomy will take place 5 days later on Tuesday, March 14!

It’s a 6-8 hour operation and I’ll keep my finger’s crossed on the operating table that I will wake up!  🙂

We nailed down a comfortable Air B&B cottage near the hospital today, out of which Sheri will operate for 3 weeks, while I recuperate for one of those.  If all goes well, we’ll pack up the car around March 28 and head back to Bend.  (Hopefully not to shovel any more snow!)

Additional Blessing with this Timetable . . .

Two times in the past we scheduled a vacation in Sedona, Arizona.  Each time we had to cancel because cancer treatments showed up!  This, our 3rd time, was no exception.  Booked again, and then cancer treatments again!  Ugh!

However, because the operation is in March, we’ll be able to go to Sedona this February and also see the Grand Canyon, a first for us.  Hurray!

Thanks for joining us in the our cancer journeys.  When I’m under the knife, Sheri will keep you posted for sure.






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