Decision for Surgery Made!

Today we spent the entire day from 8am until 6:00 pm at the hospital getting the PET-CT Scan, blood tests, visit with Dr. Oelschlager, his nurse, and the anesthesiologist.  Wow!  Our heads are spinning with all the info.

The good news is the PET Scan showed absolutely no metastasis of the cancer into other parts of my body after more than two years, so an operation is possible.

The bad news is the tumor is still there and has probably grown just a little over the past 3 months in spite of my chemo treatments.  So an operation is necessary.

I wish I could have reported a miracle of supernatural healing at this point, but such is not the case.  The wisest path forward for me now is to have the operation next Tuesday, March 14, and get the tumor out of my body!

That path, of course, was fleshed out in great detail for us today — and it’s not a pretty path.  It is a do-able path, however, and Dr. Oelschlager has it mapped out quite well.

Sheri will write you after the operation is completed to update you on my O-Day and keep you informed, so thanks for your prayers for us in advance.  A few things on my mind regarding prayer:

  • That the operation will go well without complications.  It’s intricate, but Dr. Oelschlager does around 200 of these a year.  Pray he’ll be on his game Tuesday.
  • That the body will heal well and quickly.  The body will have a major ‘chew-up’ and the quicker it can overcome the trauma the better for me.
  • That I’ll have patience with the healing process.  I’ll be in the hospital for 7 days on a strict regimen to overcome the pain, and wean myself off the tubes and recovery procedures.  I’m used to controlling my own environment so submitting to this process will be a personal challenge.

My wonderful caregiver, Sheri, will be following up on nurse care, once I get out of the hospital after 7 days.  Our Vitamixer will be working overtime!  In this cozy cottage we rented, we’ll stay close to the Medical Center for another 9 days, and then be released to go back to Bend.  By that time maybe the snow will be gone and spring will have sprung!

You may be wondering how I’m doing emotionally with all of this.  Of course I’m disappointed the tumor was not supernaturally gone, but very satisfied I can still get it out.  I’m submitted to the Lord’s will on my life, and this path is the one for me.

The picture of the ‘light’ still encourages me on, and I know His healing can come in many ways.  So, I’m not happy, but I am internally glad and joyful.  Many have walked worse paths than me in this life!

Today in my Quiet Time I was reading Psalm 97:11, “Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.”  The picture showed the light which was shed on me.  I take ‘righteous’ to mean those who trust in the righteousness of Christ to save them and are justified by faith, which is me.  And I know that even in this unwanted circumstance in which I find myself, I will still have His joy.  Can’t beat that for a secure place to be!

Thanks for your love and prayers expressed for us!


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