Pathology Report — Better Than I Thought!!

A couple days ago I met my Oncologist, Dr. William Martin, here in Bend, Oregon to transfer my care from Seattle to him.  I asked him to go over my pathology report and explain it to me.

I was amazed to hear that my cancer level was better now when they took out the tumor and the esophagus, than what it was in September 2014 when the cancer was first discovered.

In 2014 the tumor had eaten through 5 of the 7 layers of my esophagus, and possibly affected two lymph nodes.

Pathology now showed the layers of the esophagus had regenerated and the tumor was only in the mucosa, the first layer of the esophagus, and out of 17 lymph nodes taken and analyzed, there was no cancer present!

In other words, the cancer was reversing itself in the esophagus, although the activity of the tumor itself was intensifying, according to PT Scans.

Here’s what I’m learning from this.

  1. The prayers of God’s People make a difference.  Exactly how that works is a mystery to me, but then God, Himself, is a Mystery!  We sensed the power of prayer in our lives and journey as you prayed.
  2. Medical technology and treatment are gifts of God, and make a difference in our lives in so many ways, as well as in cancer situations.
  3. The healing power of our bodies God has created within them, if allowed to function well, make a difference.  Note:  This is the issue of food, toxins, health, and exercise, all which affect our immune system.
  4. The hand of God in our lives works through all of the above according to His Will for each of us individually.

In my case, the chemo-radiation taken at the end of 2014, dampened my cancer, and caused it to mutate slightly.  Then I went on a natural treatment path, instead of surgery, for the past two years.  As you remember and we can now see, the natural path controlled and contained the cancer in a positive way, although not eradicating it.

In retrospect, this shows me the power of what we eat and how we treat our bodies.  I suggest for those of us who want to prevent cancer, and those who are fighting cancer, to take serious heed to these health issues and take positive steps in this direction.

Eliminate as many toxins from your body as possible.  How?

  1. Eat organic at least for the ‘dirty dozen.’  This eliminates fertilizer and weed killing toxins from our bodies.  Why ask your immune system to fight those when it needs to fight cancer forming cells and other diseases?
  2. Eliminate as much sugar and sodium from your diet as possible.
  3. Drink smoothies or juices.  We drink a daily kale, blueberry, orange juice smoothie.  This strengthens the immune system and targets cancer cells.
  4. Eat grass fed beef, and not too often. (Colon cancer aggravated by beef)
  5. Eat organic chicken and sausage.
  6. Eat fresh caught, wild fish — not the farmed.  And as our waters continue to be more and more polluted, there’s much more about fish and toxicity one can learn.

If you are fighting cancer, Sheri and I recommend you listen to the teaching of Chris Wark.  He was 22 years old when he got cancer.  After an operation to remove a tumor from his colon, he chose not to have radiation and chemo, but learn how to build up his body to fight it off.

He was able to do that through a very tough regimen of natural processes.  His wisdom is valuable for us today in the toxic environment in which we live and operate 24/7.

As you can see, our personal cancer journey has produced a philosophy of ‘BOTH-AND.’  We need the medical wisdom and treatments as well as the natural wisdom and treatments.  Those are a powerful ‘double-barreled’ shotgun leveled at any cancer we might develop.

Health Update: (9apr17)  I’m feeling quite good, but run an energy deficit regularly which sends me to the bed for a nap a couple times daily.  Days are quiet with a couple walks added in.  I’m working at getting off my feeding tube and totally on to ingested food.  Maybe this next week?  The recovery period is measured in months, and I’m already hitting my patience limit.  Probably another prayer request.

Have a wonderful Easter Celebration!  You know we will.  I feel like I’ve had a ‘health resurrection!’

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