We’re Home! Recovery goes on!

Thursday, March 30, we headed for the hospital for my Post-Op. The Doctor visit went great.  The nutrition consult was very helpful since I must transfer 2200 calories from the feeding tube machine to ingesting with my mouth.  Actually by Thursday I had already displaced 1100 of the tube feeding.

The really good news for me, however, was my pathology report.

  • No cancer was found in the stomach!
  • The tumor growing in the lower third of my esophagus was confined in the esophagus and removed.
  • I also had Barrett’s Syndrome in the esophagus (pre-cancer condition out of which the cancer probably came), which was removed.
  • And then the BIG one:  17 lymph nodes were taken out along the esophagus and there was no cancer found in any of those.  This confirmed the PET Scan which showed no metastasis.

All things considered, this means getting back to normal life!  Now to continue recovery which is also going amazingly well.

When we left the hospital at noon we were green-lighted to leave.  We got in the car and said, “Hey, let’s just pack up the rental and sleep in our own bed tonight!

One and a half hours later we were in the car heading east through Washington State to Bend, Oregon.  At 9pm we drove into our garage, unpacked, thankful to be home!

On Friday, however, I had my worst day of the whole operation experience.  I had pain in the chest and back; I was tired and slept all day; I had no appetite; and was running a low grade fever.  Basically I taxed my body beyond what I should have, not resting from 7am on Thursday morning until 10pm Thursday night.

However, Friday night I had one of my best sleeping nights, and woke on Saturday to another good day — on the mend.  Now to keep that trend going!

Thanks again for all of your encouragement, prayers and love sent our way during this cancer journey of the past 2+ years.  The value of having a group of friends and family around us to cheer us on has been immeasurable!

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