What Do You Do If You Make it to Your 100th Birthday?

You enjoy your family and friends and eat a lot of birthday cake!

Sheri, I, and three of our children, made it to my Dad’s 100th birthday celebration in Inverness, Florida, a couple weeks ago.  We had a wonderful celebration with Dad, and enjoyed seeing siblings, niece and nephew, and their children.

Fortunately he had help eating this!
Eighty friends came to his party.

A privilege for Jerry and I to be with Dad on this day!

And to have our life-long partners with us!

Here are the grandkids, and great grandkids who made it!
Our three – Chris, Lora, and Troy — on the left.

And to wrap this up — Four Generations of Grissens!

Update on the Hernia Surgery.

Dr. Mastrangelo did a masterful job.  How wonderful to have so many talented doctors and nurses surrounding us in almost every USA city!

The first 3 days were full of pain, meds, sleeping, and wishing for better days!  On the 4th day, however, it was like a healing switch went off in my body.  My patient and wonderful Caregiver, Sheri, said my condition and attitude was a day/night difference.  Glad I got back to normal — is that the day or the night?

Now it’s 5 more weeks of no lifting, much exercise, and waiting out the full healing.  Isn’t it amazing the healing power God has created in our bodies?

Interested in a Few Healing Stories from Asia?

These are from an Asian country where friends of ours are providing humanitarian development and sharing Jesus with their national friends.  These stories encourage me to keep praying for healing.

  1. A grandfather with an obstruction was in such pain he wanted to die. So our friends prayed, ‘God if it’s time for him to go home, please take him quickly; if you still have work for him here please remove his pain.’ Later the family told them with joy on their face, ‘he’s much better!  He was able to pass the obstruction.’  Our friends stopped by a week later and were able to give a prayer of thanks for God’s quick answer.
  2. On another day, our friends prayed for a mother with a crippling headache. While praying they knew they were supposed to check the mother’s medications. That night our friend checked online and discovered that the medicine the Doctor had given her for her headache, was actually negatively interacting with 6 medications she was taking for other symptoms.  They suggested to the mother she stop taking it, which she did.  Two days later she attended a women’s Bible study and her headache was gone even though she was still a little weak.
  3. Tuesday our friend prayed for her friend and her 6 month old, who had a huge infection pocket on his lower abdomen, making it almost impossible for him to sleep.  A couple days later they checked back with their friend who said, “Praise the Lord. You prayed in the afternoon and that night his infection pocket opened. He’s now able to laugh and play.”

They conclude these stories, “It’s been very rewarding to hear the people giving God the glory for their recovery, recognizing that even when recovery comes through a doctor, it’s a gift from God. Hearts are being strengthened out here in our corner of the world.”

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