I’m Writing My Story — Could YOU Help Me?

Health Update:  Sheri and I are both doing well on all health fronts at the moment.  We enjoyed a family vacation on the Coast and are now focusing on the Total Eclipse coming directly over our area.  We can’t believe the summer is almost over!

My Story:  I’m writing my Cancer Journey story hoping to help some of the 15,000 new people who get this cancer each year.  It’s a small book of about 125 pages.

Got a Minute?  I could use your help in finishing this.  I’d like to know what ‘Title’ would motivate you most to want to read the book — or pass it on to someone with cancer.  Here are my titles thus far:

  1. Never Lose Hope Fighting Esophageal Cancer!
  2. Your Survival Guide to Esophageal Cancer!
  3. Don’t Go Under Fighting Esophageal Cancer!
  4. Beating Esophageal Cancer!  or, How to Beat . . .
  5. Esophageal Cancer: One Man’s Story of Survival
  6. SOMETHING ELSE?  (Put in ‘comments.’ below)

Here are the chapter titles for a little more background:

Intro — Hope This is a Road Less Traveled . . . for YOU!
1 –   Something I Never Wanted – a Tumor!
2 –   Must I Get Drugged & Nuked & Cut Up . . . Really?
3 –   Okay . . . Here Comes the Nuclear Energy!
4 – To Operate or Not to Operate?
5 –   Diversion – Hitting Cancer With the Natural
6 – The Natural . . . Not Enough!
7 – Out It Comes . . . The Transhiatal Esophagectomy
8 – What Happens When the Doc Says ‘Goodbye?’
9 – Is There a Healer Today by the Name of Jesus?
10 – Is God Involved With Us When We’re Sick?
11 – Final Reflections on the Journey
Several Appendices
Author Bio

Thanks for any thoughts and help you can give me!  You’ve been on this journey with me, so it’s your book too!

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