I Saw My Oncologist Today and . . .

. . . He walked into the exam room with the results of my first CT Scan since the Esophagectomy Operation on March 14 — that’s 8 months — and said, “You’re clear!  You’re in total remission.  You’re cancer free!

Nothing showed up on the screen and everything looked very normal.  The operation got all the remaining cancer out, and the gracious hand of Jehovah Rapha oversaw the healing process and activated the positive result.

So coming into our season of Thanksgiving, this guy is one Thankful former cancer patient, emphasis on ‘thankful’ and ‘former.’

Book Progress

As I write this to you, my book, “THE CANCER ECLIPSE:  A Path of Hope Forward in Cancer Darkness,” is being formatted for printing by Createspace.  The cover is finished.  I should have it published and on line in ten days to two weeks — but I’ll let you know when its done.

It’s being published by a company you’ve probably never heard of before . . . Amazon.  🙂

Maybe their delivery drone will drop it off at your door!

Thanks for your interest, encouragement and prayers as Sheri and I have walked forward in our cancer journeys with wonderful outcomes.  Without you being there with us, the path would have been more ominous and overwhelming.


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