Oh No! Another Grissen Cancer Eclipse!

Someone has said, “God promised to not give us more than we can bear.

Someone else responded, “I just wish He didn’t have so much confidence in me!

If the above statements are true, then God has a lot of confidence in Sheri!  She’s into her third ‘cancer eclipse!’

Recently she had her routine mammogram and annual checkup. The technician thought she saw a little blip on the screen to be checked out. Sheri had a follow up x-ray and they did see a tiny nodule in the back of the breast area.

Her biopsy showed the cancer was definitely a non-aggressive breast cancer and not lymphoma again. The solution is to have a lumpectomy and remove it. If the tissues are clear after that, she might not need further treatment. The out-patient operation is set for March 7.

In checking past CT Scans and Mammograms, her doctor saw this small blip already had shown up on a screen in 2012. With the focus on her lymphoma at that time, it had been missed.

The good news is, however, the tumor is still small (9mm) and most likely has not metastasized. And it’s likely her focus on eating right, exercise, juicing and continued supplements have kept it in check.

So we ask for your prayers and encouragement again as we go back ‘into the cancer darkness.’ We’re experiencing again the feelings, questions, and issues, I expressed in my book that took us through three of these eclipses in our life already.

But as the book title says, “There is a Path of Hope Forward in the Midst of Cancer Darkness!

Sheri and Dave


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