You Could Take This Blood Test. It Detects 8 Cancers.

(Blood Test Detection info below)

First, my book, Cancer Eclipse: A Path of Hope Forward in Cancer Darkness, is now published and helping cancer patients and their caregivers.

That’s exciting for us since we want the book to move people forward in their understanding of how to handle a cancer crisis, how to treat it holistically, and with spiritual power. In other words, give them some hope in the midst of the cancer created darkness!

Here’s a comment from one friend after she read it:

“With a precious family member facing a cancer diagnosis, I ordered David’s book seeking information and advice.

His book is a thorough, yet easy to understand presentation of medical terms, the staging system, and treatment options, both conventional (allopathic) and naturopathic. He carefully explains the decisions he had to make along his cancer journey and his Source of strength. Very readable and encouraging!

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Sheri and I are being monitored for our cancer situations through blood tests every several months. This method of screening is getting more effective today as this announcement indicates:

Blood will tell. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say they’ve developed an experimental liquid biopsy test that detected 70% of eight different types of cancer in more than 1000 people with the disease.

It was particularly effective for liver, pancreatic and ovarian cancer, which currently don’t have adequate screening tests.

A larger study is already underway in the general population, and scientists say they’re hopeful. The test as it stands is predicted to cost about $500, but can’t be used widely until further studies are carried out.” — Telegraph, Houston Chronicle

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