20 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist

40% of us will get cancer in our lifetimes in the USA. If it happens, how do we make your oncologist visits effective? Being forearmed with the right questions can help.

One blog and cancer survivor we follow is Chris Wark. Chris had colon cancer and an operation took out the tumor. The medical protocol called for follow-up chemo, which Chris chose not to do.

Instead he went on a natural treatment path. He has been cancer free for a number of years going that direction and is educating many today in how to use natural means effectively.

Here’s an excerpt from a paper you can get from him called, 20 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist . . .:

Question: Do you think an unhealthy diet, or pollution, or stress have anything to do with my cancer?

Chris: “You’ll be surprised how many doctors say, ‘No, it’s not your diet. No, stress doesn’t have anything to do with it. No, you’re just unlucky.’

Luck is not a factor in cancer development. Luck is not a factor in health. It’s not a scientific principle at all, and has no place in this discussion.

Let me give you a little background here, because the U.S. has very different cancer rates than many other parts of the world. For example, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti have half the overall cancer rate of the US. They’re doing something differently down there.

There are 34 African nations with a third of the overall cancer rates of the United States. Nigeria has a fifth of the overall cancer rate of the United States.

If you look at the Middle East; Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives, they also have a third of the overall cancer rates of the United States.”  (Read the full paper and get the questions. . .)

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