Brenda Reports Four More Healings in Her Orphan Ministry

Thanks for praying for us as we process and go through Sheri’s newest diagnosis of the breast cancer tumor. One of our questions is, ‘Why another type of cancer to battle?’

The ‘why’ questions always seem to be there in difficult situations and can open doors and windows into our souls — how are we thinking and living in our inner person?

And the processing of our souls can lead us into bitterness toward our sovereign God if we take the low road, or into worship of our gracious, loving and healing God if we take the high road.

Pray for us that we’ll stay on the ‘high road.’ The lumpectomy operation is still on for March 7.

Another Healing Report from Mozambique

Through this blog I’ve connected you with Brenda Lange of Orphans Unlimited working in Mozambique. She has seen many healings in response to prayer so I thought these reports would encourage you as they did us. (Feb 1-. 2018)

Pastor Alberto, Namara District, Reports Healings

“Our 2 Pastors in Namara District, 24 miles (40 km) to the south of our mission center, reported 4 miracle healings after praying for the sick in different locations.

A man who suffered from Bilharzia (parasite infestation of the bladder causing bleeding and massive loss of energy) showed no blood in his urine and regained strength over the next 3 days following prayer! Medical fact: Even with proper medication, Bilharzia is a tough parasite to eradicate and the bloody urine does not disappear within 3 days after treatment.

Two others were delivered from chronic back pain and stomach problems, while a 4th person became pain free after suffering chronic headaches for five years! Praise Jesus for all of this, and I pray for a greater anointing on these two Pastors as they continue to evangelize in this very remote area of Mozambique.

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