Now I Know Why My Cancer Cells Morphed . . .

When I had the chemo-radiation against my esophageal cancer tumor in late 2014, I thought the tumor was probably gone. That happens to a small number of people, and I ‘skated’ through the treatments miraculously.

 However, I didn’t know about the existence of ‘efflux pumps’ that cancer cells utilize to get rid of chemo. So some of my cells actually survived and morphed into another type of cell, the HER-2 type common also in breast cancer.

Cancer is such a tough and tricky disease fighting for life as we try to snuff its life out.

Now a study I just read gives the reason for that and also a way to deliver more power in the chemo against the cancer cell.

The report in Newsmax Health says, “The ability of cancer cells to develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs — known as multidrug resistance — remains a major cause of tumor recurrence and cancer metastasi. . .

“The new technique essentially reduces the amount of energy available to efflux pumps within cancer cells. These efflux pumps protect the cells by expelling unwanted toxic substances (antibiotics, heavy metals, drugs). As well as removing toxins from the cells, the efflux pumps also remove almost all clinically relevant chemotherapy drugs, the scientists explain.

Read the full article here . . .

The full story on how I handled my cancer, even as it morphed from one type of cell into another, is written in my book, Cancer Eclipse: A Path of Hope Forward in Cancer Darkness.

A friend who just read it said, “Dave, thank you for writing your book.  It meant a lot to me and I will certainly recommend it to friends.” — Carl S.

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