Do You Have a Way to Build up Your Immune System?

Recently a couple who purchased my book, wanted to get moving with the smoothie and juice I mentioned in it. Thought you might like this information . . .

Here’s her question:

What’s your recipe for the carrot, apple, etc juice? I used the carrot, blueberry, kale smoothie this morning for my blood pressure/diaherra and it helped so far today. I’m ready to send hubby to town to get ingredients for the carrot one.

Here’s my answer:
“Here’s what we put into the juice which makes two glasses. We do this 4-5 times a week.

I credit this and the smoothie with keeping my immune system strong. I haven’t had a cold or sore throat in 4 years since starting to eat differently because of our cancer. Sheri’s had a similar experience.

Recipe for the Juice:

4-5 normal size carrots
2 apples
1 slice of onion
4 radishes
Finger tip size cut of tumeric root
Finger tip size cut of ginger root
1 garlic corn
2-3 branches of broccoli with most of the stem

(depends how large they are if it 2-3 or even more)

I also add beet-lemon juice when juicing is completed. You can use cut up beets, but I found a beet-lemon juice at our local Fred Meyer Supermarket in the organic dry-good section that works great instead of cleaning and cutting beets.

We have an Omega Vert Juicer (VRT350) which works well to press the juice out of the veggies mentioned above.

I got this recipe at the Mexican Clinic from Dr Castillo as an anti-cancer juice. I think it builds up the immune system powerfully and that’s how it works against the cancer — the immune system fights it.
Hope this helps. Glad the smoothie I mentioned in the book is also helping.
Dave and Sheri

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