Good News in Bend Oregon Today!

Dear Friends,

We were waiting today for Dr. Higgins to call and give us the news of Sheri’s pathology. He got to us early afternoon.

First he said the cancer tumor was smaller than first measured. It somehow went from 9mm in the first report to 6mm when finally taken out and measured. It’s out! Victory 1.

Second, the margins taken along with the tumor indicated no metastasis. Victory 2.

Third, the Doc took 3 lymph nodes to check as well. All three were tested and came back negative. Victory 3.

So the final result is the tumor is now history (thankfully) and there was no metastasis discovered. So Sheri is free of cancer for the third time — and we hope the final time.

At any rate, we feel again like we have a new lease on life and are looking forward to all the upcoming events this spring and summer.


Dave and Sheri

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