Grissen Update (26sep18)

We haven’t sent out any news over the past summer because often no news is good news . . . especially when it comes to HEALTH!

That’s our experience this time. Once Sheri recovered from the lumpectomy, her cancer was in remission. And mine continues in remission as well. We’re feeling great and enjoying this phase of our lives.

One event making our fall enjoyable was our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated with a Wiener Schnitzel on the night of our anniversary, musing on fifty years and how quickly they’ve zipped past.

We decided to have our main celebration, however, with our five children and their spouses in Sunriver, Oregon. That place holds many memories for us and our kids, and it launched Life Impact as well. So we rented a 6-bedroom house, and all piled in for three days.

What fun. What good times of discussion. And what good food. Our kids even surprised us with a wonderful dinner and great cake at the Sunriver Lodge!

Another milestone reached this past June was my last meeting after fifteen years as a Life Impact Board Member. My tenure started in 2003 when Life Impact was started. It’s been very rewarding to see the growth and development of Life Impact’s mission of strengthening Christian workers.

David and Theresa Knauss are the CEO’s now and the organization and Staff are in good hands. Soon LI will have another Oasis — this time in Greece.

Thanks so much for joining us on this health journey. We appreciate your prayers and interest in our lives! Please let us know how you’re doing.

Love to you,

Dave & Sheri

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