Cancer Update from Texas!

Here’s a quick update on our plans to explore proton therapy for my cancer. If the tumor stays encapsulated as the PET showed a couple weeks ago, this might be a ‘go.’ And if it’s a ‘go’ it’s more targeted with less side-effects than normal radiation.

We chose to explore the proton option at the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas for four reasons:

  • They have the #1 cancer hospital rating in the USA according to US World and News Reports.
  • They have the #1 proton program in the country.
  • We could get in for a consultation.
  • Houston has warm weather! 

Our second major decision was to travel to Texas by car. We had a very enjoyable and uneventful trip through OR, CA, AZ, NM, into Texas! We can verify Texas has a lot of sagebrush, but we didn’t see the Lone Ranger, Tonto, or Silver.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 30 we have our first appointment with the thoracic surgeon.

And on Monday, Feb 2 we have our second appointment, this time with the proton radiation specialist.

We’re hoping I will be a candidate for proton, and that’s something to pray for – tumor encapsulation and the start of our proton treatments.

Since we arrived yesterday to a sweet Hotel Suite room one mile from the hospital, we’re getting settled and starting to explore our area of Houston. We did find our local Krogers.

We’ll post an update after our time with the Doc on Monday.

In the meantime enjoy the Superbowl , cereal bowl, rice bowl, or whatever bowl you choose! 🙂

Dave and Sheri

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