3 thoughts on “Update on My Oncologist Visit

  1. So thankful for your careful sharing of your journey.

    Continuing to pray for you both and appreciate so much your faithful walk with Jesus over the years!

    We count you as blessed friends!

    Our Love and Prayers,

    Mel and Bonnie Coons

  2. Hi Dave and Sheri! Just want you to know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers as you navigate your way through this time, trusting that the “Navigator” Himself will be present and precious to you with the assurance that He’s in your boat. Love you! Mark and Jayne

  3. Dave, just heard this recently: “Worry: imagining your future without God’s grace!” This is a time of great celebration of God’s faithfulness and abundant care for each of us! It really ministers to our fears in dark times. Besides, no matter how it comes out, we have a bright future! Of course, we like to milk the sympathy all we can.

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