An Update on the Proton Radiation Decision

To keep you abreast of developments in our situation, here’s the latest . . .

Before a decision could be made about my receptivity to proton radiation, I needed two more tests. So . . .

  • An MRI was administered to my head since esophageal cancer goes there quickly. I guess those bugger cells think if they can knock out the brain, we won’t know they’re there. My MRI came back clear – which verified I do have a brain and indicated I can still think!
  • I also had a very high resolution PET Scan. There were two purposes for this. First to ensure there was no metastasis. And second to chart the path of the proton radiation into the tumor.

The PET confirmed cancer in the scar tissue as we thought. Unfortunately the PET also revealed a bright spot on my lower spine. My team of Doctors are not sure it’s cancer for several reasons, so now I’m back into two more diagnostics to confirm or deny: an MRI targeting that specific area of the spine, and a biopsy to take a tissue sample. These will reveal the reality of that spot.

What are the implications for me? We’re not totally sure yet, but the proton radiation decision has still not been made definitively.  Maybe next week?

The medical wheels here at MD Anderson do not move forward swiftly, (we’ve been here now 3 weeks) but they are very thorough as you can see and provide excellent care through very skilled doctors and technicians. We’re thankful!

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement as we press forward. We’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

Dave and Sheri

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