3 thoughts on “Interesting Turn of Events? Update on Doctor Visits.

  1. Rejoicing with you both! Thanks for the beautiful new picture of you both!! It gives me such JOY to have you together leading your family along God’s Way of trusting obedience!

    I, too am dumb founded by His goodness to me and I am over whelmingly grateful! He has allowed me to live comfortably in this apartment with many friends, mission opportunities in good health! PRAISES!

  2. Hi Dave and Sheri, This is Sharon and Tony that you met at Lakewood last Saturday night. I knew that prayer would heal you!!! I am so glad that you got good results and I know that you will be back in Oregon very soon happy and whole. Will keep praying for you. If you plan on going to Lakewood this Saturday, we usually sit in those same seats so please come sit near us if you can. Have a great day!

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