The Endoscope Verifies Bad News!

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers for us as we continue moving forward here in Texas with our cancer diagnostic process.

Yesterday I had a good scope procedure from a very competent and courteous medical staff. (Which most are around the country!)

Afterwards as I came out from under the anesthesia, Doctor Ge came into my recovery room to say the cancer was definitely there. They did some lab analysis while I was ‘under.’ The good news that it’s encapsulated probably makes me a good candidate for proton therapy, which is not yet a ‘fixed’ treatment direction.

Next weekend I’ve got two more tests that factor into my diagnosis:

(1) Another PET scan to ‘chart’ the exact radiation location, and an

(2)  MRI of the head. Did you know esophageal cancer often finds it’s way into the brain? The MRI will check that area. (I hope this isn’t just a ruse to convince the docs I have a brain, which some people might question!)

With these tests now behind us after a two-week period and two more coming to finish the process, here are the issues on our hearts for prayer as we move ahead into the next week to decide on specific treatment:

  • That results from the MRI and PET will provide more facts to guide doctors with their final treatment recommendation.
  • That their recommendation would identify the best path forward for us to eradicate this cancer. We still have our eye on the proton therapy – which is less invasive and more targeted. They aren’t negative on this route, but no decision has yet been made.
  • That we’ll get housing. The weight on our hearts and minds at this moment is housing. Staying two months more means we need an apartment to operate out of. Many housing options for patients are identified by MD Anderson, but there are waiting lists for all of them. We’d like to nail down a comfortable (1 bedroom) place over this next week and move by the weekend (Feb 16-17). We’ll definitely need an ‘open door’ in this pressured, short-term housing environment.

Thanks for walking with us through this present valley!

Dave and Sheri

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