Cancer Dims . . . in the Light of the Resurrection of Jesus!

Good Friday was a double ‘good Friday’ for me. Finishing cancer treatment was my early morning focus as we headed to the hospital Friday to get rid of the chemo fanny pack, pumping the stuff into my body 24/5. Then I faced a final CT Scan, and the pull of the PICC line from my vein.


We ended the long medical day at the Proton Center for the final treatment of my twenty-eighth time, after which, I joined the “Fellowship of the Gong” – becoming one of those patients who completed proton therapy for one cancer or another.

I hit it hard and my ears are still ringing !!!

When we started down this road it seemed long and arduous. Looking back we’re amazed at how quickly the time went. Yet this has been three months of our life journey.


Leaving the Proton Center for the last time, we needed a ‘Celebration.’ The Good Friday night worship service at Lakewood Church was beckoning us. Tired, but also excited, we headed there to hear John Gray, Associate Pastor with Joel Osteen, share a powerful message on the death of Jesus with 20,000 Houstonians gathered for praise and worship on a Friday night! Uplifting! Celebrative!

The former Houston Oiler’s Basketball Stadium filled with enthusaistic Jesus-followers!

Three nails in an obscure, young Jewish body hanging on a Roman cross outside of Jerusalem on a barren hillside called, The Skull — CHANGED the course of human and eternal history for billions of people. As Pastor Gray said, “Jesus Nailed It That Night!”


Even the Disciples of Jesus had a difficult time understanding and then believing the Resurrection.

“But they did not believe the women, because their words (about the empty tomb, angels, and missing body) seemed to them like nonsense.” Luke 24:11

 Ever have doubts yourself? I think those are normal for any of us since it’s a journey of faith. The big issue is, however, did it happen or not and can we pin our eternal hopes on this event?

We believe it historically and supernaturally happened, so on Easter Sunday we gathered with more Houstonians at the South Main Baptist Church to join new friends who provided our apartment for us. This service took us back to our roots in the Hamilton, Michigan Dutch Reformed churches when the seeds of faith in the resurrected Jesus were being planted and watered in both of our lives.

A new, majestic pipe organ rang out amidst stain glass windows as this choir and congregation joined the billions around the world Sunday to sing, Christ the Lord is Risen Today!

Friends, we know death is coming for us now, sooner than later. BUT Christ has conquered the grave, yes, He’s conquered the grave!


2014. When I had x-ray radiation in 2014 to kill the newly discovered esophageal cancer, I was told my esophagus would be so burned and inflamed I wouldn’t be able to eat solid food. So Sheri and I had a steak dinner the night before I started. Guess what? The day I ended x-ray radiation 6 weeks later, I had a steak dinner to celebrate! The Lord took me through the valley with no ‘burning’ side effects.

2019.  Needless to say this was on my mind six weeks ago as I started proton radiation. Dr. Chun said I’d probably be burned and only on liquids — or worse, a feeding tube.

We had our steak dinner in Houston the night before I started proton. And guess what? Here’s the picture of my steak dinner in the same restaurant the day after I finished radiation! (April 20, 2019)

Do I need to say more?

Thank you for praying for no side-effects!


We wrap up our time in Houston this week and say goodbye to friends here. Then we head north to visit our oldest son, Troy, and his youngest daughter, Joy, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. On the following weekend we head to Haley’s college graduation! She’s his oldest daughter. Finally our time ends with a grandkids’ week in Branson, Missouri, for some relaxation, fun, and entertainment. Then we’ll make a ‘bee-line’ to Bend and end our four-month medical leave. Horray!

Thanks, friends, for so strongly supporting us again on this latest leg of our cancer journey. My radiologist said to me, “Dave, you are sailing through this!” Without your prayers, thoughts, encouragement and emotional support along the way, that would not be the case. So Thanks!

Soon we’ll be in touch about a new focus to share with you and invite you to join us, called . . . Boomer Gen Ambassadors. Info forthcoming.

Dave and Sheri

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