Pumped Up . . . On Steroids

Guess What? We’ve made it to our FINAL WEEK! It’s hard to believe it’s arrived already, although we’ve been in Houston 11 weeks. Here’s the update as you walk and pray with us to the finish line . . .

The Docs were amazed last week at how well I’m doing. I’m amazed this week with how well I’m doing.

My blood counts have continued to hold in spite of the chemo pumped into my body 24/5. The side-effects of the whole treatment have been minimal — a little itching of the proton skin site, some fatigue, and no burning of the food tube. (I’ve got part esophagus on top and stomach esophagus on the bottom, and the cancer recurred in scar tissue between the two.)

I’m eating all the food I want without burning, and I’m sleeping well too. We’re taking a long walk every day, so exercise still feels good. The only side-effect that somehow developed as I started all this, is a dry cough I carry with me day-to-day.

But there’s a silver-lining behind every dark ‘cough’ cloud! The Docs are trying to control the cough through the use of steroids. And guess what steroids do? I’ve discovered why they are banned from sports! Those tiny pills not only help control the cough, but they ‘pump’ me up for all the good activities and doctor visits I face in the week — my LAST WEEK! Five more days of chemo and six more proton treatments and I’m DONE!

The Lord is taking me through this valley as well, and our hope is the cancer will be fried down to the last cell when I’m done! I’ll be done on Good Friday, which is definitely a GOOD FRIDAY for me on two counts — deliverance from sin and eternal judgment through Jesus, my Savior; and the hopeful deliverance from cancer by Jesus, my Jehovah Rapha!

And we also have a treat this weekend before the push to the finish line starts. Bob, Sheri’s brother, and sister-in-law, Bev, flew in from Michigan to spend a couple days with us!

He is Risen!

Dave and Sheri

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