4 thoughts on “Back Home . . . Health Update

  1. Dave and Sherri…….

    I am responding for a change although we have together stayed up on your news and brave journey and prayed together.

    We understand the AFib as Mel and several of our friends and family have gone through is and ended up with various PE issues. Mel has a pace maker and is on blood thinner. We are just sorry this is another test you have to go through. You two have been troopers.

    In light of all the coughing issues and explanations you might find helpful a book my ENT had me read. He worked with the author at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and thinks the book is great………
    Book is: THE CHRONIC COUGH ENIGMA by I believe a Dr. Carolyn Cauffman. I may be wrong on her name but she surely has many explanations for our cough issues…..post surgery, normal living or whatever. I think you will find it helpful. Mel thinks he purchased this on Amazon.

    We are praying soooo and privileged to be part of your prayer support. Also loved the Graduation picture with your dear granddaughter. WE have had two this month and a wedding in 9 days. God Bless you.

    In HIS CARE…..Love Bonnie and Mel

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, ecnouragments and prayers for us, Bonnie and Mel.
      I’m at MD Anderson at the moment and into a number of tests the next two days.
      Regarding the cough, I’m hoping to gain a little more light from a Pulmonologist here, but the book you suggested sounds really good. If the cough stays with me, I’ll definitely get it. This could be a ‘post proton therapy’ cough. My doc thinks not, but it started with that and hasn’t ended yet. The process of getting older . . . what do you say about it?

  2. We are following you closely and maintaining our prayer vigil. Hang in there and keep positive. God is good!

    1. Hi John and Suzy,
      Thanks for your note and prayers for us. I’m at MD Anderson again at this moment writing you from my oncologist’s office. I need to drop off some medical records and then start a barrage of tests today. I see him tomorrow at 10:30am and hope he can shed light on my prognosis.

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