Today I Got the Final Word on the Biopsies . . .

The Lab results on my biopsies taken last week in Houston came in to my doctor today. Here’s what he wrote me via email . . .

Mr Grissen, the biopsies are negative! Congratulations!

According to the assessments (Pet scan, CT scan, biopsies), I’m cancer free from esophageal cancer. What wonderful news that is!

So the proton radiation and chemo, along with your prayers and the wonderful, gracious, healing hand of Jehovah Rapha did this positive work!

I’m still a little shell-shocked by the good news (does that mean I was putting more mental weight on hearing bad news today?) . . .

. . . and I know I haven’t yet grasped all the positive implications this fact will have on my life going forward. But to have cancer in my rear view mirror again is a monumental blessing in and of itself!

Thanks to each of you for all you’ve done for us during this journey. We’re looking forward to a fun-packed, enjoyable summer!

Dave and Sheri

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