Waiting Until Tuesday, June 11

Here’s my update on the Houston Trip to MD Anderson for my 6-week check-up . . .

I’m back home after two solid days of tests and doctor visits = Endoscopic biopsy; PET scan from head to waist; blood tests; machine breath test; CT scan of the chest area; visit with the medical team doctor; visit with my MD oncologist; and finally a visit with my pulmonologist.

Whew! I was running from one appointment to another getting more behind as the day went by. After fasting with water and clear liquids for two days, I finally sat in peace at a table in my hotel and had a wonderful prime rib buffet. We surely eat well in America, don’t we!

The end result of the cancer checkup was that the biopsies taken through the endoscope are the key factor — and those results won’t come back until Tuesday!

The only positive on the cancer front I heard, was from my oncologist. He looked over the PET and the endoscopic pictures and said he saw no outward signs of cancer.

The positive on the coughing front is that I have a new treatment I’ll try with a nebulizer and two medicines designed to break up whatever is in my lungs.

So, thanks for praying and encouraging me on in this trip. I’ll be back to you on Tuesday or whenever I get my results!

Dave and Sheri

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