When it comes to health, no news is good news. And in regards to cancer, no news most likely means cancer is stabilized or in remission. And in my view, remission means ‘IT’S GONE,’ until some future diagnostic indicates a different situation.

So . . . It’s Gone!

After the M.D. Anderson proton radiation treatments I had winter 2019 in Texas, my latest CT Scan two weeks ago indicated no new activity in the ‘fried’ tumor located in the anastomosis.* That puts me out 15 months from the end of the radiation – very good news!

(*Anastomosis = The sewn connection between my stretched stomach tissue and the remaining esophagus tissue near my throat after most of my esophagus with 1st tumor was surgically removed. This is called an ‘esophagectomy.’ I had mine at the University of Washington in March 2017. Unfortunately, a cell or two of the tumor they removed stayed at that location and started growing again, creating another tumor. Ugh! That’s the ‘fried’ one after proton radiation. Hurray!)

Regarding the 3 types of cancer Sheri had, she is also clear of those and feels good!

And while COVID-19 rages across the country, we and our family have been untouched by the virus—functioning at our normal energy and activity level!

We have replaced our patio table with a gas burning firepit. So now we are having ‘Happy Firepit Hours’ with family, friends, and neighbors while social distancing. And beside the exercise of walking the neighborhood, we’ve been out 14 times kayaking since our last winter snow. And Oregon has provided 14 different water sites for those ventures, all within an hour drive!

All in all we have much to be thankful for in these days of our lives. And we are thankful for your prayers over these past years regarding our cancer journey and continuing request to keep cancer far from us. The Lord is blessing us in answer to your prayers!

Dave and Sheri

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