Here’s advice about cancer you most likely haven’t heard before.

Cancer was like a total eclipse in darkness for me, so this advice comes out of my three year battle to defeat it.

Don’t stay in the dark yourself. Be encouraged. Fight boldly!

Here’s what others are saying about the Path Forward . . .

“I work as a Hospice nurse and deal with much end-of-life cancer. This book is the BEST book on cancer I’ve ever read” — Hospice

” I wish your book had been available when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. . .” — Suzy

“Just finished reading your book and found it very interesting from a clinical and spiritual standpoint.” — Carl

” Again, thanks for your input through the book. It helped my husband make the decision about his treatment path forward” — Joan

“With a precious family member facing a cancer diagnosis, I found Cancer Eclipse to be a thorough, yet easy to understand presentation of medical terms, the staging system, treatment options, and much more. – Margie

Start reading and implementing.  Give cancer the ‘knockout’ blow it deserves!

With you in the battle,

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