How Will You Handle Cancer
When It Hits You or a Loved One?

The Cancer Eclipse blasted into my life without warning in 2014. It immediately overcame my happy, normal existence with darkness and uncertainty. Trust me . . . everything turns upside down in a moment when one hears ‘It’s Cancer!’

Your mind goes into overdrive with these questions:
  • “How will I handle this cancer challenge?”
  • “What does this mean for me?”
  • “How will this change my life?”
  • “Will I even survive it and if not, how long do I have?”

Suddenly the mind acts like a ‘black hole’ – life is without definition and we have no idea of what to do to knock out the crazy cancer.

I’ve wrestled with all these questions myself when my esophageal cancer came to light in September 2014. Rats! I was just retired and life went upside down in one doctor visit!

How does anyone process all the fears, grief, issues, and questions that flood life with a cancer diagnosis?

We are really impressed with the thoroughness and readability. Learning a lot. Such a thoughtful, deep book”Margie G.


In my book,

A Path of Hope Forward in Cancer Darkness,

I hope to give you HOPE in your struggle against this common enemy of our health.

The unfortunate statistic in the USA now is, almost 40% of us will get cancer in our lifetimes. That’s more than one out of three. And for some reason, in the UK it’s even higher — almost one out of every two people will get cancer.

But, I’m not a statistic.
I’m a person.
I’ve got to know how to deal with this myself.
It’s my life and I want to overcome!

Once I gained my emotional stability again after the C-Hit, I confronted the massive medical machine with its statistics, treatment decisions, jargon, multitude of doctor’s visits, operations and a host of other overwhelming details.

How did I chart these medical waters without getting eaten by a shark?


In my book I detail how I moved from one step to the next for a positive result.

I take you with me to the doctor’s visits, and the operating room. Then into recovery. You sit with me in the chemo infusion room. And I let you into my mind throughout the process – what was that guy thinking through all of this, anyway?

And when I discovered alternative treatments to the devastating chemo and radiation, follow me to Mukilteo, WA., Tijuana, Mexiso and other places to understand how diet and natural treatments can help overcome cancer.

Is naturopathic medicine quackery? Is it helpful?
Could it help rid my body of esophageal cancer?

My conclusions and results in the book may shock you.


Also impacting my journey through esophageal cancer was God, Himself. I don’t know what your view of God is, or if you even believe in Him . . . but when my back was up against the wall with this crazy cancer, I turned to Him for help.

But was God there to help me when I really needed Him?

Could He answer my questions:
Why did I get cancer in the first place?”
If He exists, He must have the power to heal me, right?
But would He?


Follow my journey in the book as I wrestle with the God question and many others and finally reach some conclusions for myself.

“I ordered your book and it is very good. . . .
How good of you to keep such good records so you could relay everything so well.  I appreciated all the spiritual truths scattered throughout, too.’
– Linda H.


A Path of Hope Forward in Cancer Darkness

charts my three-year trek of fighting against cancer in various ways . . . to ultimately see the darkness leave and the sun start to shine in my life again – post cancer.

Join me as I share my thoughts and my heart with YOU!

With You On the Journey,

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